Felted Soap

Wow!  Long time, no post!

I've spent all last summer making baby blankets and neglected to take pictures of them...

I take that back, here's one:

Not bad, eh?  It's a totally unrepeatable trick though.  I didn't write down the pattern of the tree but rather just kept crocheting until I ran out of yarn.  This was made for Baby Fiona, whom I have yet to see in person.  (Having a toddler of my own means time not spent with her is either spent sleeping or working.) 

I finally made a Fire Mountain order after two years of not making a really big one.  I was really running low on beads.  I should have taken a picture of the haul: it was $300 dollars worth of beads!!!  Of course, not all of them were mine.  I combined an order with my friend Amy to get the 50-199 assortable pricing tier.

Last Friday was "Discovery Day."  Once upon a time, this day was an actual in-service day for library staff.  After years of it successfully being held during winter break (and shutting the Libs down for it), they moved it to the Friday BEFORE spring break and held it WHILE WE WERE STILL OPEN.  Not much of an in-service, neh?  And why did it move?  So the person who runs the in-service could go to mid-winter ALA in Detroit.  That woman does not know what she's doing.

But I digress.

This in-service one of the department heads did a class on felting soap.  Here's mine:

Felted soap is very similar to soap in a little cotton bag.  The idea is to make it last longer.

What you need is a bar of soap (I used Dial Shea Butter and Peaches) and wool or alpaca roving. 

Wrap the wool around the soap thickly and hold it all together tightly as you dunk it in hot water.  Then massage the soap!

The Dial gets really sudsy so I had to rinse it in hot water a few times, but after about 15 minutes, the soap was properly felted.

After felting is complete, you rinse the soap in cold water to shock the wool and squeeze all the water out.  Let it dry and voila!  Felted Soap!

Since I'm in the middle of another bar of soap at home, I won't being using this guy for at least two weeks.  In the mean time, I have to keep it out of Lily's reach.  She thinks it's awesome!


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