Low Res Photography

I've been experimenting with low resolution photography on my cell phone camera (a measily 1.5 mega pixels).  And I've been getting some pretty spanking shots!  Check 'em out!

This lovely lily is from Luna's enclosure at the North Carolina Aquariums at Fort Fisher.

This is from the tree outside the house, which dropped all those beautiful leaves on my car.  

This is the bridge over the pond at the Hintz Alumni Center

Here is the surf at the lovely Wrightsville Beach.  I love this one!  Time to put it up for sale on Deviant Art!

 Another fall leaf.  I love how the light shining through the leaf shows off the veins.

This tree lives on my lane.  You can tell what season it is just by looking at the tree.  Spring in this case.

Another picture of the beautiful Wrightsville Beach.  This is the sun rising over the water.  :)


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