New Bag for Me!

When if need of a new bag, the sewing machine starts running hot!

There's no real pattern for this.  I really just threw it together on the fly so I would have a nice bag for facility tour of Morris Library at the University of Delaware.  It carried the blanket I was working on as well as other essentials (notebook, pens, camera, etc.)

It's messenger style and the fabric is from the Legacy Collection available at Jo Ann Fabric.  The fabric was originally slated to be part of a diaper changing mat, but I can't get this specific color anymore, so a little spinning turned the fabric into a bag.

There is a set of inner pockets for a pen, cell phone, and my gum.  I didn't do any other pockets because I found a cosmetic bag with diapers and wipes to be more effective than a diaper bag.  Everything Lily needs in one little package with enough room for a baby spoon, tissues, and *ahem* feminine products.  The outer pocket has a slim section to hold onto my sunglasses (as seen above).  My only regret was that I didn't put the pocket lower on the front panel so I could sew in a separate pocket for my hand fan.  (Yeah, I'm one of those crazy people who actually carries an old fashioned, fabric fan around in the summer.)

And yes, that is a Johnny Bravo magnet in the picture.  Man, he's pretty!


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