Baby Blanket in Double (Crochet) Time

I was visiting my parents' place a while back and realized that I forgot to bring Lily a blanket.  No biggie.  My parents have plenty to spare, but I thought a blanket to be kept at the 'rents would be a good idea.

So I started making this awesome rainbow and hearts blanket (pics to follow) and realized I liked it too much to leave it somewhere, far from my loving gaze.

This left me with an obvious problem.  Time for a new blanket and this is what I've finished up in 3 days flat!

Not bad!  It's another glorified granny square in Caron Simply Soft Paints.  Lily likes it and is already playing with it!  I see the 'rents this weekend so I'll drop it off then.


DarkStar said...

Too cute!!!

Nicolle said...

Thanks! Since I did it in the traditional granny square style, I can add more rounds as the Lily-girl gets bigger. :)

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