As much as I think photography is cool, I'm not much a photo taker. I say photo taker because I am in no way a photographer. It seems very elite.

Old Main Lawn (Penn State) with my feet as a bonus!
I take most of my photos with a 5 megapixel point and click which gets a ton of use with a baby in the house.  (You have to take pictures of your children doing every conceivable thing.)  The rest of my photos, I can with my Alias 2 which has a 2.0 megapixel camera.  For such a little thing, I can get great pics out of it.
The bridge over the Alumni Center's pond.
My biggest complaint is the delay.  My friend Sarah, who is a photographer in her spare time, says it's so the camera can get the correct exposure.  To which I say phooey.
Going to the left of the photo before leads you to the shaded area of the pond.
Digital cameras work by 'filming' the image in front of it.  If I click the button, it should take the picture I see on the screen at that moment, not the one that happens 2 to 3 seconds later.
 The signs next to the pond say not to feed the ducks.
I always miss the perfect picture that way.  I have missed hundreds of amazing shots thanks to that delay.  Digitals do not need exposure time.  Film needs exposure time and even my old 35mm took pictures faster.
Someone isn't listening because the ducks come right up to you for food.
It really sucks to think that you can never be a 'real' photographer because you can't get the equipment to work properly.  My husband will tell you, I have to have everything perfect or I freak the hell out.  I have erased more pictures than I care to admit because I can't see the value in the shot if it wasn't the one I intended in the first place.
Here they come!
And the worst part is that I can't fix the camera!  I can't get rid of the delay!  Most digitals come with a delay function.  The kind of thing you use for family portraits when you want to be in the shot and you've got your little point and click on a tripod.
Feed me, Seymour!
 And God forbid you have to wait for your camera to adjust!  You know what I mean.  You snap the picture and the camera says, "Hey wait!  I can do this really cool thing right here!  See this?  See?  See?!"  And the perfect Kodak moment is gone. Bastards.
You liar!  You have no food! 
So I'm gimped by my equipment.  I'm told it's a poor artist who blames the equipment.  Well, screw the people who say it.  I'm calling it like I see it.
Can you believe that chick with the camera?  She totally made me think she had food!
If it's a point and click, i should be able to point and click.  I'm not asking for anything fancy here.
We'll get her!  We'll program a delay in her camera so she can never get the perfect shot!
 Damn ducks.


DarkStar said...

I feel like as a photographer I shouldn't say anything...^-^;;;
Great pictures though. I especially love the ducks!

Nicolle said...

Say whatever you want! I'm all ears! Well, I've got two of them at least and they'll hear what you say.

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