Weekend Project: Plastic Canvas Checkbook Cover

I needed a new checkbook cover, so I pulled out my plastic canvas and went to town.

1 sheet of plastic canvas in your choice of color (I used plain old clear.)
yarn in color or colors of choice (I used Red Heart Super Saver in Seagrass and Aruba Seas)
plastic canvas yarn needle (You can substitute a metal big eye yarn needle typically used for sewing knitting together in a pinch)

Cut the sheet into:
Two 42x22 rectangles (front and back)
One 42x19 rectangle (front interior)
One 42x20 rectangle (back interior)
One 42x3 rectangle (join edge)

(Crappy picture, Go!)

For decoration, I cut into the corners on the front rectangle.  It's a design choice.  You don't have to do it, but if you do, make the same cut in the interior backing of the front (the 42x19 piece).

(This picture is also called 'I didn't set the camera to close up.)

The Back!

Because the back of your pieces needs to allow for your checkbook pieces, make sure you go with a design that will ensure a 'flat' back.  I just went single stitches to the right.  The striping effect is part of the yarn I used.

Sew the back and the interior back together.  There will be a two square lip at the top.  Do not sew across the top edge!

Sew a design on the top and sew the two pieces together.  I went with a heart (which you can kind of make out in this picture.  Do not sew the top edge.

(Look, I remembered the close up feature on the camera!  I R SO SMRT!)

Sew the join edge without sewing the actual edges. (as in the picture).

Sew the join edge to the top and bottom to make one piece.

Insert checkbook stuffs and you're done!

Ta da!

This project took about 5-6 hours to complete.  I used left over yarn from a previously made baby blanket (Aruba Seas) and my niece's blanket (Seagrass).


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