Fairy Doll for Channah

Channah, the eldest daughter of my friend Mandee, needs a doll.  A kick ass doll.  So here we go on a weekend project (which, by the way, I did in the middle of the week).

I love dolls.  I do not make them enough.  But dolls can be a time consuming pain in the neck.  So I went the quick and easy route:

Pre-sewn (but un-stuffed) 12 inch muslin doll
Cream colored thread
Yarn for hair
Thread to match hair color
Fabric Markers
Dress for a 12 inch doll

1. Stuff the doll.

2. Use the fabric markers to draw on a face.
I hopped around the intarwebs for a while checking out doll faces before choosing some features I liked and practicing them on paper.

This doll has hazel eyes.  To get the hazel look, I dabbled green around the pupils and brown along the outer edge of the iris.

I gave her a purple heart on the cheek.  :)

3. Lay out the yarn a little longer than the length you would like it to be on the doll.

The yarn I am using here is Berroco's Optik #4944.  I'm not sure the yarn is still in production.  I've had it in my yarn bin for years now.

4.  Sew on the hair a bit at a time down the middle of the head.

5.  About half an inch away on both sides from the center stitch line, sew another line in order to hold the hair flat to the head.  Doing this eliminates the need for a weft.

6. Trim hair to designed length and dress.

Action Shot!!!

This doll took 4-5 hours to complete.  The dress is actually a 'teddy bear' dress.  I also painted her nails pink with the fabric markers.


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