Capri Sun Beach Bag

Here's the bag I made for myself:

Because this will be a beach bag, I opted for a liner with a zippered pocket.

When adding the liner to the bag, I did not use interfacing or tack it down to the bag.  My main reason for this was to make it easier to get sand out of the bag after being at the beach.  All I have to do is turn the liner out and the sand comes out too!

Here is the constructed piece with handles.

Here's the interior with the zippered pocket.  I'll be honest here.  I kind of screwed up the zipper install.  You'd think I hadn't done a million zippers by now.  But it turned out okay and no human or animals were hurt in the installation.

Action shot!
Yeah.  I know it's a crappy photo.  But it fits all our beach stuff with out a fuss and that's the point.


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