Capri Sun Bag

The bag below was made for at So much crap to make, so little time.

After prepping the bags, it's time to sew them together.  But before we start, there are several important things you need to know.

1. If you intend to sew the Capri Sun bags, you need a sewing machine.
2. You will need a heavy thread. 
        You can use all purpose, but it will snap pretty quick.  Machine quilting thread is perfect.
3. You will need a denim or leather sewing machine needle.  (They aren't hard to find.)
4. You will need to stop between each section to rest the needle.
       It's metal going through metal.  The needle will get hot and if you haven't washed the bags properly, the needle will be sticky too.
5. When you finish the bag, the needle will need to be tossed. 
       It will be way too dull to use again, even for fabric.

On to the Sewing!  This bag is 2x2x1.

Over lap the bags to sew them.

Here is the front panel of bag, fully sewn.
Give the back the same treatment.

Remember to rest the needle!

Sew the front and back to the bottom.

Sew the side panels.
Sew them to the front and back panels doing both sides first.

Sew the side to the bottom last. 

See how I have the bag squished down?  Twist and squish anyway you need to in order to keep the bag from getting hung up on the machine.

Fold in the lip and sew it down.  This keeps the top of your bag from having any sharp edges.

Attach handles.  I used 1 inch white webbing and made short handles.

Done!  The bag is now ready for knitting needles and yarn.

Action shot!


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