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The Park Slope Afghan involves 60 octagons.  Rather than do them single color, I have the middle in navy, the 2nd and 3rd rounds in seagrass, and the 4th round in navy.

I finished all 60 of the navy centers and have started the 2nd and 3rd rounds:

I hope you noticed that the octagons look very 'grouped.'  Here's my knitting/crochet tip of the day:

When you are making a large number of blocks, circles, triangles, motifs, etc., tie them together in groups.  this will keep you from losing work because you can't find a block you thought was in your bag.  Also, by tying them together, you have the added benefit of not having to count all your motifs over and over.  Just count them by the batch and multiply.

For the navy centers, I have a piece of yarn threaded through the center holes to keep them together in sets of ten.  For those with the seagrass treatment, I have the piece of yarn threaded between two double crochet posts at the join.


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